Joint Centre Appoints Two New Junior Investigators

Monday, November 30, 2015

Professor Nan Shen has recently appointed two new investigators, Deng Jun and Qian Yuting, to the China-Australia Centre for Personalised Immunology (CACPI). Professor Shen, is the Director of Shanghai Institute of Rheumatology, Ren Ji Hospital Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine. His research mainly focuses on determining the molecular disease pathways in the systemic autoimmune disease, particularly lupus, using a functional genomics approach.

Professor Shen with Professor Vinuesa as co-directors, Dr Di Yu (Head of Molecular Immunomodulation, Monash University) and Professor Matthew Cook have led the establishment of the laboratories at Renji Hospital in Shanghai.

In the photo below is the China-Australia Centre for Personalised Immunology (CACPI) offices, Renji Hospital, Shanghai – Prof Nan Shen, Deng Jun, research assistant, Qian Yuting, Dr Di Yu (L-R)