Research projects

The China-Australia CPI will consolidate the efforts of many research groups who have established and are investigating different patient cohorts. The expected benefit from a collective effort is enhanced pace of translation by implementing an efficient platform for discovery and translation that all groups can access. Technical developments be accelerated by the assembled expertise and progress will be synergistic. We expect complementary information about disease pathways to arise from concurrent analysis of autoimmune and immune deficiency diseases. Our assembled significant and diverse patient cohorts will ensure access to both monogenic and more genetically complex cases in each of the disease categories under investigation in the Centre. By including many different research groups and patient cohorts in the China-Australia CPI, where all groups will be able to access streamlined sequencing and technology for proof of causation, the Centre will alleviate bottlenecks to translation and ensure maximum clinical benefit to a diverse group of patients at the earliest opportunity. We are still recruiting to these cohorts. For rare diseases, the joint Centre enables our researchers to access a larger cohort of similar patients increasing our chances of identifying and confirming causal alleles, and allelic series, which are important for understanding gene mechanism.